The Green Justice Coalition (GJC) is a partnership of community based, environmental and labor allies who lead campaigns that have a meaningful impact on working class people and communities of color.  Together, our members organize and advocate for a just transition to a sustainable economy that allows our communities to achieve environmental and economic justice.


Recent Posts

‘We still can’t breathe’: Advocates call for relief from air pollution

For decades, Roxbury native Mela Bush-Miles has advocated for clean air and adequate public transportation in a city where the two are inextricably linked. Her campaign is a personal one, she said, as she fights to protect the now fifth-generation of her family affected by air pollution. Bush-Miles says she raised three children who struggled…

In Eastie, an early glimpse at Boston’s existential and expensive struggle to hold back the sea

The multi-billion dollar plan is raising tough questions about climate preparedness and gentrification. Just above a rocky shoreline in East Boston is a housing development built onelevated land so that its residential entrances are 14 feet above mean high tide and much less vulnerable to flooding. The Clippership Wharf development offers a glimpse of how…

The Little City That Could

For Chelsea, Massachusetts, a new microgrid means energy resilience. On a recent morning, researcher Dominick Dusseau offers a glimpse into the future of Chelsea, Massachusetts, a small, industrial city just across the Mystic River from Boston. On digital maps he displays over Zoom, great blue splashes cover large swaths of the city—areas where, by his calculations,…

Our Campaigns

Equity in Clean Energy Policy

Rapid growth in renewable energy, the fastest growing sector of Massachusetts’ clean energy economy, has largely been driven by increased adoption of solar generation. Advances in technology and manufacturing, together with new policies and enhanced programs have helped to make solar more accessible; but, not all families and workers are benefitting from the changes. Solar is an important part of the clean energy transition and GJC is working to ensure that frontline communities and workers are not shut out from its benefits.

Environmental Justice Protection for All

Through the Environmental Justice Act and Executive Order 552 on Environmental Justice, the Green Justice Coalition is working toward comprehensive environmental and public health protections for environmentally overburdened low-income communities and communities of color across Massachusetts. Every neighborhood should have healthy air, soil, water, and lives.

Empowering Communities!

Many residents rent rather than own their homes. This reality can make it difficult for our communities to invest in or benefit from renewable energy projects. This legislation would allow a municipality or aggregator to use the combined creditworthiness of all its ratepayers to enter into long term contracts for renewable energy with new project developers, including customers of utilities like Eversource and National Grid. Local renewable energy development could mean different things for different communities, such as solar, wind or battery storage, but all of these options mean good jobs with decent wages for workers in our communities.

Organizing for a Just Transition

As cities across the commonwealth wrestle with what it will mean to address climate change and develop plans to reduce emissions, we must ensure that every community is not only included but directly involved with creating the solutions. There is no doubt that we will transition into a new, more earth friendly way of being. However, this transition does not guarantee that the new way of being will be JUST. Efforts to organize and educate our bases and community allies broadly are essential to meeting the needs of those burdened the most by environmental injustice.

Community Choice Energy

Residents of a town or city can aggregate their electricity demand into a single municipal contract, giving them direct control over where their energy is sourced. CCE is a rapid, low-cost catalyst to grow clean energy and ensure that all residents are able to access its benefits. It can protect residents from winter price spikes and makes renewable energy affordable for every household without raising rates.

Green Justice Leadership Team

Alternatives for Community & Environment: Dwaign Tyndal

Boston Climate Action Network: Sophie Cash

Clean Water Action: Cindy Luppi

Coalition for Social Justice: Sabrina Davis

GreenRoots: Maria Belen Power

Neighbor to Neighbor: Andrea Nyamekye

New Roots AME

“We want clean air, so our kids can breathe without inhalers. We want clean land and water, so we can safely eat the food we grow and fish we catch. And we want responsible businesses that bring good, clean jobs to our communities.” 

          –Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts