Developing Policy with an Equity Lens

The Green Justice Coalition (GJC) unites grassroots organizations, environmental groups, and labor unions to advance Massachusetts towards a sustainable, equitable, and clean energy economy. GJC does this by fighting for a more locally controlled, public energy infrastructure that builds community wealth and health. All people deserve to have a safe and healthy environment, and the resources and opportunities to learn, work, play and live in prosperity.

The current energy economy is unsustainable and overburdens working class communities and people of color. Most are excluded from the benefits of the renewable energy economy and suffer disproportionately from pollution and unmanageable energy costs. To make matters worse, our communities continue to suffer from the chronic side effects of a fossil fuel-based energy system. In a “dirty fuel” economy, the “dirt” doesn’t just go away; pollution and waste products become our toxic neighbors.

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