María Belén Power

Associate Executive Director, GreenRoots

María Belén grew up in a bicultural family in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere in the aftermath of a revolution, coupled with her work as an organizer in migrant communities her experience has informed her understanding of social justice and the need for systemic change. Before joining GreenRoots, she was the Lead Organizer for the Green Space Committee. Now, she oversees GreenRoots’ environmental justice campaigns and supports the work of the ECO youth crew, Junior Organizer and Research Assistant. She represents GreenRoots in the Green Justice Coalition as well as in national movements for environmental and climate justice.  Maria Belen is a Neighborhood Fellow working towards her Masters Degree in Public Policy at Tufts University’s Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Department. She successfully completed a certificate program in Nonprofit Management and Leadership with the Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Boston University.
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