Boston’s Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance 2.0:

In September 2021, we delivered 1,800+ petition signatures to Boston City councilors and the Mayor’s office to demand the passing of a reinforced and updated Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO). We were encouraged when former Mayor Kim Janey signed the ordinance into law on October 6 and set us on a path to an improved building emissions performance standard for Boston.

Currently, buildings still account for nearly 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in Boston. These are our hospitals, universities, labs, hotels, and corporate offices. With the new policy in place, we must ensure we stay on track to reduce our carbon emissions by 2030 and create 500+ well-paying sustainable jobs in the process.

We are hopeful that BERDO 2.0 will lessen the impact of storms, flooding, and warming temperatures and reduce the risks for those most impacted by climate change. We must stay attentive to how the city implements these measures, and continue to speak out to ensure the process is maintained with equity and the inclusion of our community voices. To learn more about the ordinance visit